CATCO New Works Development: World Premieres and Original Productions

From its very beginning over 25 years ago, CATCO has focused on presenting and developing new work. The theatre has consistently presented world premieres to Central Ohio audiences. Production of PIERCE TO THE SOUL in the 2009-2010 season continues this tradition.

Beginning in 1990-1991, moreover, CATCO has produced the SHORTS FESTIVALS, which have enabled numerous playwrights to hone their craft. Generously funded by Fred & Howard and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, the SHORTS FESTIVALS have remained an audience favorite.


1986 – 1987

Jupus Redeye by Robert Flanagan (World Premiere)

1988 – 1989

The Women of My Father’s House by Carter W. Lewis (World Premiere)
Women Who Kill (sketches by the Women’s Playwriting Group)

1990 – 1991

A Christmas Memory and The Thanksgiving Visitor by Truman Capote,
adapted by Geoffrey Nelson
A Shorts Festival (World Premiere) — The Art of Pitching by Doreen Dunn, Dead Batch Boys by Dan T. O’Reilly, Wednesdays I Do Hills by Lynne Roth, The Mind Gallery by Is Said, Checking Out by Joel Selmeier, Day Old Bread by Bonnie Milne Gardner, My Favorite Superhero by Jeffrey Jordan, Mom’s Restaurant by Joanne Blum, Family Ritual by Martine L. Stephens


A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote


1991 – 1992

Second Annual Shorts Festival (World Premiere) — Nesting by Rita K. Barkey, the effects of incestuous-breeding upon thoughts and thought patterns by Dan T. O’Reilly, Infidelities by Gary Scott, Brother’s Keeper by Michael Geis, The Sixth Day by Kristin Johnson, We’re All Okay Now by Joanne Blum, Daddy’s Home by Bonnie Milne Gardner, Dead But Not Forgotten by Lynne Roth
Solo Shorts (World Premiere) —The Lease by Jeffrey Jordan, JFK, Rudolph, and a Life With Fear In It by Gay Brewer, Afire by Stephen Jon, Eat or Die by Johnrick Hole, My Grandmother’s Vampires by Ann C. Hall, The Growing Season by Is Said, Jump by Karin Cash, The Reader by Mark Maselli, Expedite by Joe Selmeier

1992 – 1993

1892 by Geoffrey Nelson (World Premiere)
Third Annual Shorts Festival (World Premiere) —Snow Job by Mark S. Maselli, Treading Water by Dan T. O’Reilly, Artichokes and Gargoyles by Lynne Roth, The Electoral Date by Jeffrey Jordan, Plato and Doris Are Dead by Johnrick Hole, Visiting Sarah by Michael L. Geis, Forever Fraternal by Bonnie Milne Gardner

1993 – 1994

The Fall River Follies or Oh Mrs. Churchill, Do Come Over. Someone Has Killed Father by John Giffin (a presentation of a production by Five Minds, Inc.)


Dogs Do by Jonathan Putnam
Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, adapted by Geoffrey Nelson

1994 – 1995


Baby Chile by Is Said (World Premiere) [one act]

1996 – 1997

East Market Gardens created by John Giffin (World Premiere co-produced with 5Minds, Inc.)


Tales of Terror—(The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe, The Dancing Partner by Jerome K. Jerome, adapted by Jonathan Putnam and Michael Harper)

1999 – 2000

Robert Post: Here in America by Robert Post (a presentation)
Tales from the Grave adapted by Geoffrey Nelson (World Premiere) -- The Signalman by Charles Dickens, The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, The Inexperienced Ghost by H.G. Wells, The Open Window by Saki, The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Shorts Festival 2000 (World Premiere): Writer’s Block by Carrie Leonard, Blind and Muted by Dan O’Reilly, The Walk by Dale Doerman, Mr. Peepers Goes to Hell by Johnrick Hole, A Geometric Digression of the Species by Carter W. Lewis, Wives by Jason Beehler, Eavesdropping Without Listening by Nicholas Hartmann, The Eternal Brunch by Fred Andrle, and distributed on audiotape: Father Courage by Jon Putnam and Just Too Many Things by Chiquita Mullins Lee.

2001 – 2002

The Shorts Festival 2002 (World Premiere)—Baggage Unattended by Eric Coble, Power of God by Herb Brown, The Escorts by Bob McKay, Thank You for Choosing Tree of Life Airlines by Jason Beehler, Atlantic Crossing by Wendy MacLeod, Version 2.0 by Robert Flanagan and Sheldon Gleisser, Boarding: A Love Story by Jerry Holt, Estimated Time of Departure by Travis Horseman

2003 – 2004

The Shorts Festival 2004 (World Premiere): Letting Go by Jennifer Stoessner, Remote by Eric Coble, Sucking the Marrow by Mary Tensing, Exclusive Deluxe Accommodations by Chiquita Mullins Lee, Trip Twenty by Cheryl Games, Smoking Room by Jerry G. Holt, Beat the Press by Bill Corbett, The Orgy in 414 by Mark Mann

2005 – 2006

You’re My Boy by Herb Brown (World Premiere)

2006 – 2007

Ghost Light: The Shorts Festival 2006 (World Premiere): Snake Oil by Wendy MacLeod, Two Clowns by Scott Tobin, Merely Players by Jerry Holt, The Blueballs by Marianne Timmons, Haunted by Eric Coble, The Death Scene from Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story by Jim Vess, Us Chickens by Mary Tensing, Perpetual Present Tense by Peter Pauze


Pierce to the Soul by Chiquita Mullins Lee